Training and Education department of The Institute for Economic and Community Research, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (DIKLAT LPEM FEB UI) invites thinkers, business people and institutions from all over Indonesia who are committed to advancing the public interest. Our education and training program, which on average is held in about two weeks or less, has been developed to suit your needs in mind and offers to step out of your daily routine to focus on national, global and sustainable development issues. Improve your current knowledge and skills, expand your mind, strengthen your ability to lead and strengthen your mind to make a difference.

Diverse programs designed for individuals or groups, or adjust our training to your organization. Upgrade your skills and strengthen your knowledge in a creative and experimental learning environment, which offers you various training programs on the UI Salemba campus, in the places you provide, or online in public, anywhere. Learning is a proactive choice in today’s fast-changing world. From crisis management to national, public policy to economic development, intensive training programs that keep you in your field and connect you with competent UI instructors in their fields, leading practitioners, and international researchers.